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Recommended links for information on

Waldorf education:

Reading List for Parents:

You Are Your Child's First Teacher -

Rahima Baldwin Dancy

Simplicity Parenting-Kim John Payne

The Plug In Drug-Marie Winn

Tears and Tantrums-Aletha Solter

Your Self Confidant Baby-Magda Gerber

Bright From The Start-Jill Stamm

Mothering With Soul-Joan Salter

Heaven On Earth-Sharifa Oppenheim

7 O'Clock Bed Time-Inda Scheanen

Last Child In The Woods-Richard Louv

Spoiling Childhood-Diane Ehrensaft

Secrets of Discipline-Ronald Morrish

Living Passages for The Whole Family-Shea Darian

Seven Times The Sun-Shea Darian

Cooking for the Love of the World -Marie Fryer Wilbott

Toys and Waldorf inspired goods can be found at:

Two great videos on

Waldorf Education:

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