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Learn to use the wisdom of Simplicity Parenting and the extraordinary power of Less to raise calmer, happier and more secure kids!

Simplicity Parenting Classes are a wonderful way to connect with other parents and deepen your understanding of what children need in our world today. Through guided discussions, exercises and the use of the Simplifying Change Process, we will look at those issues that you would like to transform and work on within your family. Using Kim John Payne's book Simplicity Parenting as our guide, we will work through the chapters which include:

Why Simplify?

Soul Fever (what it is and how to detect it)




Filtering Out the Adult world

and Simplicity To Go...

Learn valuable skills that you can implement right away, and see the benefits of Simplicity Parenting at work within the first week of class.


Offered on the last Saturday of every month as a 6 week series for $65 per class or $375 paid in full

Ms. Indira is a Certified Simplicity Parenting Group Leader as well as Simplicity Parenting Coach through the Center for Social Sustainability with Kim John Payne, and offers individualized coaching sessions and home visits.

Mama Mentoring

support and gentle guidance

for Mama and family

*Self care   *Sleep

*Homemaking *Siblings

*Nutrition *Rhythm

*Positive Discipline

*Easing Transitions

*Potty Training

*Child Development

*Conscious Parenting Skills

& Techniques

Ms. Indira is available for individual consultations and to visit your growing family for gentle and supportive guidance.


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