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 "We could not possibly be happier with the care our sweet daughter receives at Golden Day. Ms. Indira and Ms. Suzanne are so gifted at what they do, and so genuinely invested in the well-being of the whole child--mind, body and spirit. Helena anticipates her "school" days with much delight, and she wakes up gleefully excited each day. We know she is safe, and that she will have a day filled with friendship, play, nature, healthy food, learning and love. We cannot ask for more, as parents. A million thanks!"

-Mother and Father of 3 year old daughter

"My daughter was with Indira for about 18 months. There was never a day she didn't want to go to school. My 3 year old is now at a "big kids school" and had such a seamless transition. I credit this to the wonderful rhythm she was used to with Indira. It was such a nurturing place in a time when our life was very chaotic. I love Indira and her staff with all my heart." -Mother of two year old daughter

"Thank you for all the love and care you've shown our daughter. As a parent, trusting someone with your precious child is not easy, but we've absolutely trusted you, and are so thankful to have found you! We feel so lucky! Our daughter loved her time with you, and she has really grown and developed important skills. But mostly, she has been happy which is the most important thing. You've been such a wonderful part of our life, and we will miss you!" Mother and Father of 2 1/2 year old


"Our daughter was fortunate enough to have Indira as her first teacher/caregiver.  Being separated from her parents for the first time was an understandably stressful situation (for her and us!).  Indira was able to provide comfort for her to make the transition as smooth as possible.  This led to our daughter not only getting comfortable being away from us, but actually looking forward to school!  We are eternally grateful for this time in our daughter's life." ~Mother and Father of 20 month old daughter

"In such a warm and nurturing home environment,we have been comfortable at Golden Day since the first day. Simple indoor and outdoor play, a warm and healthful meal and the kindness of Miss "Deara" and Miss Suzanne where exactly what I was looking for and just what my two and a half year old boy needed. Thank you Indira for all the tenderness and caring you have shown our family this year!" -Mother of 3 year old son

"My daughter wishes every day was a "Ms. Indira Day." At Golden Day Nursery School, Ms. Indira and Ms. Suzanne provide a warm, gentle, playful and peaceful experience. Their intentions are infused with love and a strong understanding of early child development." -Mother of 1 1/2 and 3 year old daughters

"I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude to Indira. I've been blessed with the opportunity to know Indira for a few years now. She has cared for both of my 2 children and they both adore her and her lovely school. I inquired with Indira after being referred by a friend who raved about her school. At the time I was very hesitant to let go of my younger boy and thought I might be able to handle it if my older daughter was there with him. Indira was so gracious, patient and understanding about my concerns. She encouraged me to only do what felt right and comfortable, what was best for my son. It was still a bit of a transition for me and for Henry but, again, Indira really understands the transition parents and children are making at this stage of a child's life. Her grace, experience and maturity made this a great unfolding and growing experience for all of us. It is so wonderful to be able to leave your child in such a wholesome environment and a loving home."

-Mother of 4 year old son

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